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Challenging First Attempts

October 26, 2012

Have you ever tried something new and done it perfectly the first time? Well, we’re hosting a webinar for the first time next Thursday, and are finding some challenges not only setting it up but finding operations!

Why webinars? Those are like infomercials right? Only live? It sells stuff that we don’t really want but can’t resist?

Not exactly! Our webinar will be on Empowering Food Choices, and once we get the bugs worked out, we’ll be bringing content on how you can make food choice, and addressing some points from those who want to know what’s in their food. We can reach more people, and eventually hope to be able to have some distance learning classes.

And it doesn’t seem very many have yet embraced this technology for food and agriculture, so we’ll see if it’s a brilliant idea that reaches others or if there’s, truly, no interest!

Many other rabbit breeders are making their way to Wichita for the national rabbit convention. Very disappointed in not being able to go this year. *Sigh* Maybe next year, but will be much larger. As it is, finances, some lower than hoped for sales this year and the pending expansion combined to mean there just were priorities that didn’t allow this trip.

Looking forward, however, we’re interested in reaching others through the webinars, which we’ll announce on our Facebook page and on Twitter. And we’re looking forward to reaching more people and filling the need for demand of food some say they can’t find. Always…trying to bridge the two and make connections!

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