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Moving Forward

November 2, 2012

So often we wait until New Years to make resolutions, and they last a few weeks before we’re back in old routines. Don’t put off improving life until the New Year. Some won’t be here then. Start TODAY!

Do what needs doing now – procrastination is a thief. It takes precious time – which we can’t get back. It takes time from our families, and when the sand runs out of the hourglass there’s no “do over”. Clear out the clutter, not just physical clutter but “busy” too. Set small goals and follow through. Open and sort mail now. Return phone calls, schedule appointments, tend to small projects right now. I think of the story of someone who put off a task for months. She’d lose things that she knew she had, but couldn’t find. She did the task – 45 minutes! It was put off for months for 45 minutes – and not nearly the task imagined.

Select wisely in all you do. Make decisions with complete information, look at the pros and cons, listen to advice from trusted people. Ask for His guidance and watch for the answer.

Make friends your allies – exchange encouragement, remind each other to take a break and recharge, spend time with folks who share with and inspire you. Hold each other accountable, help each other out. How can you help each other on your simplicity quest?

Create a plan – call it a goal, a to do list, or whatever other name that works. A plan of action directs what to do when and insures you’re making progress as you meet those goals. Make the steps reachable. Don’t just say you’ll save $1,000 for Christmas – most don’t have $1,000. Instead, like the “old fashioned” Christmas club, save $25 per week. Every week, no excuses save that $25. By Thanksgiving you’ll have over $1,000 for shopping for gifts and enjoying the season.

Keep paper in its place – from mail and magazines to receipts, put together a better system of keeping track. Create a filing system, organizers or other means to deal with paper before it overflows! Take shredded paper to use for compost, donate old magazines to medical offices, veterinarian offices or nursing homes.

Make incremental changes – no record setting athlete did so the first time they competed. They had to learn their sport, build fitness, practice, build on those steps and improve. Whatever changes you’re considering do so in stages. What do you need to do today to get to your goal? What can you do this week to build towards that goal?


Be an independent thinker – this can be scary because it can mean taking a journey in unchartered territory! Find solutions, look for ways to improve life or the lives of others. Monitor your news and entertainment choices – does it contribute to a higher quality of life? If not readjust.

Don’t be afraid of change…one step at a time move towards it. Embrace it. Setbacks will happen – dust yourself off, learn from it and try again. Persist!

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