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Running For President

November 5, 2012

There once was a time in school when we pictured the dream that anyone could be president. Then we grew up and see that’s no longer true, not even remotely. Yes times have changed, but not everyone has the drive, the leadership abilities, to be a good president. There’s no way any president will please everyone and it seems to get more polarizing every time.

The amount of money it takes to run for president eliminates most of us, even those who would be a good president. Travel is expensive. Campaign ads though? Think about it…there’s 47 reporters covering everything they say (wait til they misspeak and see how fast things surface!) so buying ads seems silly.

There are certainly things I’d change if president, but then in another way I’d never want the job. Much like Donald Trump, who could afford a campaign if he chose to, I’ve no interest in such an ambition. The weight of the world, be it loved or hated, rests on one person. The blame and credit is heaped on, often in proportions that are undeserved.

A good president is a leader. He’s given a measure of respect, although many feel the best candidate isn’t on the ballot. Many things go into being a good person. A leader. Someone trusted with our lives.

For all the faults, disagreements and problems, we’re still incredibly blessed to live in the USA. Whomever you vote for, make the effort to vote! It’s important, and it’s a right many around the world don’t have.

Don’t waste it.

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