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Where Our Eyes Are

November 10, 2012

Beginning riders are taught to look up. Don’t look at your hands, or the ground, or down at the horse. Look UP – between his ears, where you’re going. Aim and guide him forward. When approaching a jump we must look at the jump, but also before and after the jump. Where do we want to take off and where do we want to land?

With a good horse, a novice rider can make mistakes, but must also learn to help the horse with guidance. If we approach crooked, if we jump too soon or not soon enough, if we don’t pay attention then the horse, and the rider, can pay with injuries.

In business, from small to large, from rural to city, managers must also look up, not just where we are but where we want to be. As we go to settle things on the land, at long last!, we’ve not lost sight of that hurdle, but have also looked beyond it. What happens on the other side? We need barns, preparations for spring, preparations for the first pigs to arrive. We need planning, and action!

Life is much the same way. Look up. If you look on the ground, as many rodeo riders say, that’s where you’ll end up! Get focused, look up, plan and soar.




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