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10 Steps To Making Life Improvements

November 12, 2012

Ever notice how when we seek “simplicity” it seems so complicated? We seek to make life changes and it seems so hard. Can it be that we make it hard? Count to 10?

1. Take a deep breath. Yes really. Right now. Breathe deeply – it brings oxygen into the body and helps you relax. Imagine breathing in good things, and exhaling those that are not good. Let them go.

2. Live with what you love. You know how when money’s tight, and you need more light in a room so get a lamp that is just cheap and functional. You hate it – it’s ugly, it doesn’t suit your style. So replace it! Give it to someone else who needs something functional right now. Go through closets and weed through clothes you don’t like – donate to someone who needs clothes after a fire. Weed through clutter and things that no longer work, things you don’t enjoy. Get rid of them – someone else may love them!

3. Seek to emphasize style over fashion. Fashion is passing – style is forever. Fashion is an out of date miniskirt with a mohawk and hoop earrings. Style is what you use now. Choose timeless clothing, know who you are and let your home, clothes and life reflect that. Be it quirky or conventional, choose well made classic items that don’t have to change with the season.

4. Create simple entertainment – this may be a stretch for some! Sit in the back yard and feed the birds, play musical chairs or kick a ball around. Share a movie at home with homemade popcorn, or play board games, or get together with friends for a potluck in the park just because.

5. Clean a closet – this may go along with the getting rid of clutter! If you have a hard time finding what you need, look to organize, weed through and make better use of your storage, from kitchen cabinets to closets in the bathroom. If you need more storage, seek low cost ways to provide that, and breathe easier knowing where things are at all times when you need them. As you pack up holiday decorations, have a plastic tub for Halloween, another for fall, another for patriotic holidays, then Christmas. It’s then easier to pull out those decorations, they’re clean and protected for the next time you need them.

6 Find more rewarding work – this can be a tough one when jobs are tough to find. If you truly like your job, it’s a much easier task. Improve or update your skills if needed to work towards that. Can’t afford classes? For many things you can “adult homeschool” – find books and videos at lower cost (or no cost!) and learn new things.

7. Practice patience – in agriculture it takes time for green tomatoes or peppers to turn red. It takes time for that young horse to grow so he’s big enough to be ridden. Yet in today’s instant quest we want things NOW. When stuck in traffic or waiting in line or in a ‘hurry up and wait’ moment spend it reflecting with God. Patience. Be quiet. Wait. Not everything needs to happen *right now*!

8. Reserve judgement – have you ever made a decision too quickly, and as things unfold it turns out much different than expected? If you’d withheld judgement for just a little longer would it prevent an error or a misunderstanding. Take time to weigh the facts in any situation – assess what happens before making a commitment.

9. Be more flexible, in both big and little ways. We cannot control all that happens in life, but we can decide how we will deal with it. Is it a problem or an opportunity? How we look at a situation can make a difference! Growth comes from being flexible and adapting, trying new things. Imagine what things you’d like to control more, and what you would do to make that so. Work towards it! Sometimes the unexpected holds beautiful gifts.

10. Be ready to admit your errors. Two of the hardest words to say are “I’m sorry.” Admitting you were wrong can be tough – it takes a humble spirit to admit it. Slow down, admit if wrong…we’re not perfect. Examine the mistake, learn from it and move on.

It’s truly a process to seek simplicity. Simple things don’t take a great deal of money, but do often take extra effort, even in just making it possible to happen.

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  1. November 14, 2012 10:40 PM

    Thanks for this helpful list. I’ve been doing numbers 2 and 5 in the last few months and I can say that they have improved my life significantly. I’m going to work on number 8 (reserving judgment. ) Haste makes waste!

    • November 15, 2012 4:05 PM

      Change can be difficult – even change for the better! Thanks for stopping by!


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