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SlowMoneyFarm Market – Food Choices

November 16, 2012

The shopping frenzy is about to begin. Early morning battles for the right gift, Black Friday, special deals and so much that many say they don’t want to take part in. Others say they hate it but “have” to get the right gift. To my knowledge, no child has ever died because they didn’t have the latest electronic gadget or Xbox game! There’s been an outcry against corporations, with Occupy WhatWeDon’tLike in the news for a year. Yet when it comes to food, shopping, holidays, birthdays, the majority surround it with corporate items!

Food choices could be the ticket for that family you don’t know what to get them. For those struggling, it’s a gift that enables their own food choices, whatever they may be. Here at SlowMoneyFarm we’re gearing up with a bigger and better 2013 and your gift giving is part of it!

You might notice our packages – pork, chicken, turkey, rabbit, lamb, goat, beef, garden packages, raised bed gardens – all catering to individual tastes. It’s the next best thing to raising it yourself – with transparency and supporting a conservation effort of a rural nature.

This is non GMO produced produce, heirloom tomatoes, hand raised herbs, small farm produced food like grandma – or in today’s terms sometimes great-grandma (please don’t say great great grandma yet!) used to make.

The benefits are many but the bottom line is food choices. For every package ordered the weekend of Black Friday we’ll include an extra farm raised chicken, either given to your recipient or donated to a family in need (your choice). These options also offer a great homeschool opportunity for youngsters, in learning how food is grown.

We’re a small, diversified farm. And we do more than food! Tune in tomorrow for our non-food options!


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