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SlowMoneyFarm Choices Are More Than Food

November 17, 2012

While we have a variety of food packages, many don’t know about our non-food gifts! This is a great way for those who might be out of our service area to still support our goals, and at the same time give unique gifts. There are some that are available *now* and others that we’ll have available (with or outside of packages – and yes you can get non-food packages!) in 2013.

Throughout the last few years we’ve had many photographs on our pages here – sunsets, animals, scenic and more. Some of these we feature in photo packages – these can be delivered to your gift recipient directly, or sent to you to arrange in a frame. Individually or in groups, both 8×10 and 5×7 available.

We also have several other options that will be increasing! Crafters who like natural items sometimes have a hard time finding some items – and we offer some. Unseasoned or salted rabbit hides are available – these are basic furs – a way to use the hides that come off of the meat rabbits. They are not prime furs – I don’t want to mislead anyone! – but offered (and used) as a way to use as much of the animal as possible, as our ancestors did. We also have feathers – choose chicken, duck, turkey in white or colored. These are feathers that are shed naturally and collected from the coops or pens. We also very occasionally have colored feathers from our macaw.

Handmade soaps, wreathes, grave blankets, ornamental gourds, earthworms, compost and all natural fertilizer are also in the pipeline! Dried and fresh flowers, potpourri and retreats are also in the works. Contact us if interested – easy to reach at (spam is deleted folks – don’t bother!).

We have a little something for a variety of interests. Direct from the farm, and with a rugged “western” look that says handmade. No mass produced gadgets here. We appreciate your business this Small Business Saturday!

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