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Food Choices #FoodThanks

November 20, 2012

Tonight on #foodchat on Twitter and Facebook a #FoodThanks focus befitting of the chat before Thanksgiving. It’s a time of tradition and history. It’s a time when we feel more a part of things rather than standing out – we are tradition and history by the breeds we keep and that literal taste of the past. This is growing as we wait to sign on the place and then be able to get the buildings and the 2013 turkeys, ducks, geese, pigs and more ordered as well as garden plans, orchards and more. A lot of stuff to do for the winter “down time!”.

This allows us, too, to provide food choices to others. Not only can we provide the small farm raised options for those who want to know how and where their food was raised, but we can use standard breeds or heritage breeds. This time of year that focus might be on the Midget White, an option to waste less turkey with a smaller bird that works for smaller families. There’s the preservation of the Naragansett and Royal Palm, the Bourbon Red and Black Spanish. These are beautiful old time, hardy varieties.

They’ve worked in a small farm environment for decades. As we approach the holiday, may we focus on the food choices we have. From small farms like us to the bounty provided by larger farms, and the network of farms such as those providing hay and feed for our animals. There are many who overlook the many options we have in food choices – and that is a gift precious enough it should never be overlooked.

By this time next year we hope it will be our turkeys thawing to grace the tables of more customers, but be it that or what a family can afford at the store, we hope all will have enough to eat. There are many food insecure households, and it means that whatever our food choices we must never restrict lower cost, volume produced choices that provide what many can afford.

For those that are traveling be safe. For those looking for gift options, we have customized options in our farm shares and a host of other gifts. For everyone – take a minute and be truly thankful for the food we share this week. For everyone.

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