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Finding Value Farmer Style

December 6, 2012

As I watched the new video from the Peterson Brothers, “Farmer Style”, I thought of how value and pricing from a farm standpoint can be different from that at grocery stores.

Many farms produce volume, needed to feed the millions in the cities far away from where it was grown. For others, they seek food choices directly, where our friend Ryan Goodman ponders the local claims and what a local farm should look like. With food, it seems being large and efficient is too often seen as a bad thing, and yet those with other products volume pricing to bring prices down is a good thing. This can make it seem like larger farms are penalized for success, in ways that computer and car businesses aren’t.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPeople fork over $25 for a concert Tshirt without a quibble. A $5 purchase at Starbucks is justified. A nice car is good because they can afford it. So why is it that in food choices, price alone is the only consideration for many who can otherwise afford choices?

When we send a dressed rabbit, chicken or other product to your freezer, it’s with the same consideration as when it goes to our own. We believe that food choices are not a bad thing, including those who choose to eat processed food, if that is their choice. I don’t feel I have to have 500 acres of wheat in order to be a “real farmer” although some do feel that way.

We believe our choices and service is worth the money. We invite you to see, taste and believe too!

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