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Planning for 2013

December 11, 2012

The year is winding down and we’re in to 2013 plans. Like every year, we examine what worked, what didn’t and what we want to change/do better.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere are some changes this year, and more on the horizon. Pending release of funds, we’ll be adding a new-to-us vehicle and land by the end of the year. From there, looking forward…15 things to do is incredible. We’ve got some fun stuff on the horizon if you’re not already signed up for a farm share or package…do so!

1. For starters, our rabbit herd will be expanded – we’ve got some nice bucks coming up and will be adding some more does. There’s an increase in rabbit meat interest, which allows for our quest in breeding better rabbits.

2. Expanding our chicken and turkey flocks, and the ducks. We’ve got some pure starter lines, but additional incubators allow hatching eggs for the next generation, as well as brooders to raise up some outdoor layers.

3. Add geese, pigs, lambs – we don’t have room to do these where we are now. We could do geese, but they’re really more efficient with room for grass. They’ll keep fencerows along the driveway grazed!

4. An expanded garden area, with more varieties of peppers, tomatoes and other goodies, as requested by customers.

5. Fencing, fencing, fencing! Tight fencing is essential for keeping predators out and critters in.

6. Getting started on some woodlot maintenance for next winter’s wood heat.

7. Housing and barn construction. Getting ready to rock!

8. Organize and offer some clinics and events.

9. I’ll have a few projects to consult on…crossing fingers! And possibilities of some speaking dates loom.

10. Marketing takes time as well…and will continue to do so.

11. A special pine windbreak that doubles as a source of a new crop – pine nuts – will be planted.

12. The nut and fruit orchard will be started, as well as berries. Variety for our customers!

13. We’re aiming for 100-200 meat chickens per month, 100 meat rabbits per month and 15-20 pigs per month. We’ll also have some lambs as demand calls for. (Want some?! They’re first come first served!)

14. Establishment of a breeding flock of sheep. This allows more control over health and selection of our market lambs.

15. Attending some national level events.

Join us!! We look forward to the changes, although it will be a busy year!

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