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We Can’t Change The World – Can We Improve One Part of It?

December 14, 2012

So many growing up believe we can change the world. We were taught in elementary school we could be anything we set our minds to. President. Astronauts. Farmers. Scientists. We were taught a basic respect for others.

Today another mass shooting at a Connecticut school adds to the others. Temples, malls, movie theaters…sometimes it seems we don’t need terrorists to hit public targets…mentally unstable folks are happy to do it and kill themselves too.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASeveral years ago I said in treating our pets like people it didn’t elevate the pets, it brought down how society sees children. And as most shooters seem to be those who grew up in that time, it makes me wonder again. These are kids who yesterday were looking forward to school Christmas pageants and holiday games. Were those “must have” toys that important now that they’ll never be able to play with them? The unspeakable sadness makes me glad for limited exposure – no tv to watch – but social media is buzzing with updates and emotion.

As we get older we realize we can’t always change the world. If we could surely someone by now would have found a way to deal with mental illness that cause such things. The shooter was in his 20s, and killed his own mother. The killing of parents has been increasing also – lack of respect? The unspeakable tragedy touches many. But we can – every one of us – affect our own communities. It’s why we started doing simplicity entries into the blog – that fits what we are interested in and is connected to why we do what we do with raising food choices.

How many are ready to unplug? How many are willing to invest time in eating dinner together, spending time together, helping that neighbor or person from church? It won’t change the world but it will sure impact one part of it if everyone makes an effort!

Can we afford not to? After 9/11 society vowed to come together, and yet are more fractured and torn apart than ever. We vowed to never forget and never go back.

It’s a driving force to withdraw further from the cities, the chaos, the acceptable unbalanced individuals who are everywhere but too often blend in until they make headlines. How many boundaries must be crossed to kill one’s own family, let alone kill children you don’t know, have never seen before that have their lives ended before they learn all 50 states?

We can’t all be anywhere. But again, as the point was made in “Getting By” Lessons From a Rural Past” it makes a different with community. Starting in our neighborhoods, our towns, our areas we can make a difference right here.

How many are ready to stand up, in action? It’s, sadly, the only thing that can, possibly, prevent another headline.


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