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Here I Am

December 28, 2012

> “Here I am!”
Three little words that could be seemed as selfish but could unite the world.
Everyone wants to be validated…to feel they count and they are appreciated for what they have to offer, however grand or insignificant it may be to others. Everyone in some way says to the world “Here I am!”
Notice me. Love me. Don’t pass me by like I don’t matter. It doesn’t matter if it’s a homeless person in California, a woman on the streets of Iraq, a child in a lonely village in Guatemala. Some only see and imagine a world at the edge of their village or county…they can’t comprehend sitting on a piece of the world the opposite of what they have. Sometimes that’s physical…being in a desert and living on a glacier are about as opposite as one can get. But so is living free to express yourself and living where you can be killed for mentioning God.

Freedom – choices – possibilities – basic rights we take for granted. Those people in Korea and the “extra baggage” child in China and the shivering poor in Russia…every one of them says “Here I am!” Throughout the world everyone wants enough to sustain life and happiness – peace – to be left alone to follow their personal dreams. And yet that is so hard to do with just enough of the minority in the world to wreak havoc, to influence governments into sanctions and wars and other things so often seen in the paper. There’s thousands in Iraq trying to figure an uncertain future. Some may not live to see tomorrow – but for right now they, too, say “Here I am!”

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