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Small Families, Small Shares

January 3, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere at SlowMoneyFarm we have a specialty of options that allow you to stock up – from whole lamb or pork to a variety of packages. This is something that can be popular for those with a family who see the value in stocking up, but not everyone is able to. Some might be concerned about the ability to use 180 pounds of meat before it goes bad.

With 65% of households now single or couple households, we’re allowing options for a mixed meat package of about 30 pounds per month, up to six months, at $180 per box. Some folks might want a monthly, others may be fine with every other month. This would be for delivery in Nashville, Tennessee, Louisville Kentucky, St. Louis Missouri or Bowling Green Kentucky pickup or delivery.  This will be an assortment box that may include rabbit, chicken, lamb, pork, duck or beef. With these, you’ll fill out an application, choose how many you want (one per month for six months, just one month, every other month etc.)

We’ll be working on some other options too – both single drop and multiple drop. While we’re doing that, would appreciate some feedback from our readers. What would be your ideal package, share or CSA share? If you could put together something – be it something we have or something we don’t – what would it be? An herb package? Meats? Combination? Gift packages?


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