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What Do We Do When Not Farming?

January 4, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAgriculture is more a lifestyle than many other jobs. A ‘vacation’ might be a trip to a show or fair, or a conference that is work related. It’s not a matter of punching the clock and going home – and that’s something that I like about it.

But we don’t work all the time. What else do we do? Some might be surprised to find it’s not that different from others in town, while others it’s another time period!

I like the critters, so being involved with them isn’t like work in many ways. But down time can be filled reading, photography, social media, music, writing and there are a few television shows I choose to watch online – Nashville and Grey’s Anatomy. Connor and I also watch “Last Resort”, “Royal Pains” and White Collar – the latter two are his favorite shows. We also sometimes pull up ‘classic tv’ – Happy Days, The Waltons, Dr. Quinn, Andy Griffith show and others that were family shows. Connor, like many teens, likes the video games and music, OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAalthough our tastes in music sometimes vary! I also love watching horse racing, and like rodeo and polo – most aren’t surprised by the collection of Breyer horses in the home. Then there’s Scoutman – who as his nickname implies likes the International Scout collection, Native American culture and traditions, as well as a shared interest with Connor in sports cars and shooting. Some of the more unusual pets include a couple of growing corn snakes and a ball python, as well as “Kitty”, a military macaw.  Connor also likes to swim, lift weights and play basketball with friends.

We all like a summer cookout over an open fire with friends. We look forward to sharing that with some of our friends and customers as we get rolling forward! Good food, good times!

Small festivals, fairs and parades are another cool way we spend some down time, whether it’s the short Christmas parade in our little town or going to a farm related festival or concert. There is a whole world outside of what we do and, as much as we enjoy what we do, it doesn’t define us.  We’re much like many other families, we just work together in a bigger way. As our farm offerings are spread out, we get a chance to pursue interests we like – from crafts and woodworking, to edible flowers and nuts to heritage livestock. We are thankful to be able to do that – each using our strengths. We share many interests, but some more than others. We look forward to expanding that!

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