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Saturday Market 2013 CSA shares

January 5, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you’ve read for any length of time here you know we raise food for direct selling to customers. Many are familiar with the CSA structure where you pay a fee at the beginning of the year and get a share of the produce. We’ve taken that further with meats, eggs and other shares.

Because we’re not a grocery store, it’s hard to do everything immediately and offer multiple brands. We don’t get lost in decisions, but stick to what we can do well. When we sit down to a meal of rabbit or chicken we know it had a good life and a quick death. We know that the horrific videos of abused animals doesn’t happen here. We know what the animal ate, when it was born, who the parents were and when it was processed. We know there are others who like to know such things, or the ability to know if they choose.

Some might be a family that wants to stock up just in case of financial troubles. Or it might be a single person or couple who wants to know how their food was raised. Perhaps it’s an insurance against predicted rising food prices – as food ‘at the store’ comes up our CSA and packages are more competitive. So what does this include? Glad you asked!

We have two options – a flat fee share of $500-2000 that is an account to pull from, or piecing together your own individual shares. Some of these are turkey, egg shares, mixed meat shares and more.

Our mixed meat share is for approximately 30 pounds of meat per month for $180 per drop. You might make that 30 pounds last two months, or might want a drop monthly. This package will vary and is designed for the single or couple who don’t need a stock up of the larger shares and it may include chicken, rabbit, pork, beef, lamb or duck.  You may buy up to six monthly amounts, depending on your use – every other month, or two months is fine so long as we know going in what we need to grow for!

We also are offering two types of turkey packages – more popular around the holidays. These are commercial turkey breeds (ordinary turkey breeds, done our way!) and heritage turkeys. The commercial breeds are faster maturing, but some think the heritage birds have more flavor. Our 2013 price is $3.50 per pound for commercial birds and $5.50 per pound for heritage birds. Keep in mind these are about $15-20 not including feed for costs, but you won’t find the inexcusable abuse of birds at our hands. A deposit of $50 per turkey is required.

Feathered Pig CSA package – a friend once referred to ducks and fast growing poultry as “feathered pigs” so here’s a feathered pig package! This is for 12 chickens, 2 turkeys and 6 ducks – $400. Split into 10 payments of $40 each, delivery of 2 chickens, 1 duck per month for six months beginning in May, with two turkeys added on in November 2013 delivery. You can expect approximately 60 pounds of meat. Delivery to Nashville pickup location $5; same charge for St. Louis if 10 people signed up.

Broiler Chicken Shares will be for whole chickens.  Birds average 4-5.5#/bird (dressed).  Shares include one chicken per month for six months.   Hearts, livers and gizzards available upon request – please indicate when ordering.  If smaller birds or earlier shipments are desired please indicate when ordering – we can harvest birds at a younger age for smaller order requests.  Price for a Chicken share is $85

Egg Share – Eight months of fresh eggs! This is for a dozen per week, for eight months! $115

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMeat Rabbits:  Our meat rabbits (fryers) average 3-4# (dressed).  Rabbits may be ordered as a share (one rabbit/month) for $100 or as a group package of 10 for $200. Planned deliveries begin in May.

Produce share – add to any meat share for fresh herbs and produce. Six months just $300 – that’s just $50/month for farm fresh produce. People say they can’t afford to eat better, but this goes from the field to your table for maximum taste and freshness. Heirloom tomatoes, three colors of carrots, a rainbow of peppers both sweet and hot, squash and more!

Pork Shares will contain 5-6# of pork per month for six months. Shipments will contain some of the following (will vary by delivery): roasts, ham, pork chops, bacon, breakfast sausage, and ribs.$125 per share

Lamb Shares will contain 4-5# of lamb per month for six months.  Shipments will contain some of the following (will vary by delivery): whole leg of lamb roasts, shoulder roasts, chops, burger, and stew meat.  Optional marrow bones for soup stock will be available in limited quantity – please indicate when ordering. Price for a Lamb share is $225 – split into 10 payments starting now.

We’re also working on herb shares, craft shares, gift shares and shares can be sponsored for someone who can’t afford the cost. These will be distributed to those needing a hand up in times that are short. The herb and gift shares can usually ship without a problem. We’ll have more information on these as finalized!

Don’t wait to get signed up – there are limited slots available. We’ll have regular drops in Nashville, Tennessee and if interest warrants also Louisville, Lexington Kentucky, St. Louis Missouri and Peoria Illinois areas. If interested ask – you never know where we may be going that we can make a one drop delivery.

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