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Why You Should Buy From SlowMoneyFarm

January 9, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe headlines find negativity and make it sound interesting enough to read. Alarm bells ring in your head so that you click on it to find out the really not news story. The roaming lion is in fact a labradoodle trimmed with a lion cut as a mascot. The environmental issue at a farm was in fact from a city waste system. But that said, why should you tell people about us? Why should you get one of our farm shares?

I’ll list these tongue in cheek – in fun – serious and true but in fun. There are food choices and some of those are provided by larger farms and processors who have to do what they can to turn a profit so that, like us, they get to do this another year. That said – why you should buy from us or sponsor us!

1. We’ll never make headlines for immigration raids. We’re not big enough to have employees we don’t know – and are US citizens so the immigration folks have no reason to come to our little operation.

2. We have heirloom seed and a few hybrids, so will never be named in a Monsanto lawsuit for pirating seed. We like what we like and it’s the colors and variety of heirlooms. We eat antiques!

3. Our processors – both small family run operations – don’t take food safety shortcuts that are blamed for food illness.

4. We honor your food choices! If you want 10 pounds of chicken, 20 beef, 14 rabbit and 10 lamb we can do that – or you can choose packages where we decide what is in the package. Options are good!

5. We have a higher level of service than big companies can do and you can speak directly to us. We strive for open communication so you know where and how your food was raised.

6. There’s only one first crop – you can be in on the first batch of pigs, first crop of fruit, first year in Kentucky – the firsts are many!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA7. It gives Diva something to do when patrolling the place!

8. It gives Connor something to do on his break from playing video games. And it’s a daily learning classroom!

9. So Paul & Connor don’t have to eat the whole harvest themselves.

10. Because it gives a productive means of work that reduces the need for gym memberships, counseling and allows making a life, not just a living. And that passes to making YOUR life better!

The list is long but we’ll keep this to ten! We’re USA grown and processed – and have sponsorships to help soldier families and others who need a hand up to stretch resources. And we’ll even send you a Christmas card! Let’s rock 2013 for food choices!

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