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Life Lessons From Farm Dogs – Ag in the Bible

January 13, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlthough today the dog is often a part of the family, so to speak, they serve in many capacities as helpers also. The Bible speaks often of dogs, but sometimes not in a complimentary way, as seems common in the part of the world that it is set.

Proverbs 26:17
Like one who seizes a dog by the ears is a passer-by who meddles in a quarrel not his own.

From the time we’re very young we’re taught to be nice to dogs, don’t pull their ears or tails. We have several dogs here, and dogs can be very helpful or very destructive, depending on training or lack of it. Many dogs will reflex bite when ears are pulled, and where once it was a slap on the hand and “don’t bug the dog!” now it can be a death sentence for the dog. Still the dog offers some lessons, brought up by our dogs here!

1. Blue teaches forgiveness. When she wandered in, she was so afraid that when I stepped outside she ran headlong into the six foot chain link fence that she’d just detoured around in order to come into the yard. She was terrified, as a dog fearful for her life. Today she’s overcome the fear to become a part of the home, sleeping at my feet as I type this. She had been treated poorly by people, but forgave that past to trust one more time. Do we do so?

2. Red wandered in and proclaimed this home when we moved in. She’d been left to fend for herself, and found a kind person next door who left food for her and clean water, but little else. When we moved in, she made this her ‘headquarters’ and in time became an accepted part of things. She’s imperfect – like the others. She’ll kill kittens, but doesn’t bother the large cats after Mr. Ornery taught her early on about respecting cats. Take advantage of opportunity!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA3. Missy holds to what is, to me, precious blood. She’s a granddaughter of Gael via Freckles. She’s an opps, born of an opportunist mutt digging in to the fenced yard where she was put out in the morning by the back porch to relieve herself yet be confined. She’s quirky, bossy, goes back for a fight for dominance even after getting her butt whooped yet has a heart as big as the imagination. Her lessons – don’t let pedigree hold you back, and don’t judge on appearance.

4. Scotty came to me via a Facebook friend. Seems he’d been in a family for 2 years, when a toddler came near his food. He nipped, protecting HIS things, and was taken to the vet and dropped off. He was neutered, had all shots, just needed a second chance. We don’t have young children in the house and were willing to deal with his territorial issue. Since arrival he’s never nipped at us, and although he’s no angel he’s a good dog. Scotty brings lessons of second chances and forgiveness.

5. Diva has been the source of several posts – with her own tag as Diva’s Domain. Why would a Doberman thrive in a world of rabbits and poultry? Dobermans are well known as high drive, often guard or working dogs as they’ve been developed to do. They’re also incredibly devoted and loving dogs – something that gets missed with the other traits. Diva has the pedigree, with champions in it, but she’s more important to us as protector and alarm for our animals. I’d trust Diva loose with the chickens without question. Lesson from Diva – don’t let others define your expectations!

6. Bella recently gave us a scare when she got into a garbage sack she shouldn’t have and was very sick but bounced back with some TLC. She came to us about 3 months of age when her former owner couldn’t keep her and her sister. We found her sister a home in Nashville and she came here. She gives lessons of tough but fair.

Sometimes lessons come in ways we don’t expect! Don’t miss them! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Scotty and Diva

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