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The Me Factor

January 19, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs a direct purchase operation, we offer individual choices as much as we can. Want outdoor raised chickens? We can do that. We can use ‘castoffs’, broiler breeds, Cornish cross or feed organic. We offer a great deal of flexibility and food choices that you just don’t get anywhere else.

That said, browsing comment sections I see an onslaught of “me factor” posts. This ranges from “I’m vegan and you should be too” to “well I don’t care if they _______ because I don’t use it anyway.” Can you imagine if anyone had that power?

I don’t often use airplanes, so should we reduce air travel? One flight per day – if you can’t make it or too many want to go…oops. Less fuel use. I am not a vegan so making vegan food (beyond veggies and fruits direct from the field – which are vegan!) doesn’t matter. I can use horses for short travel, so never mind. Seldom watch movies and don’t watch a lot of television – maybe both should be restricted. Never mind what you want this is MeWorld.

It’s unfair and restrictive isn’t it?! We all have choices, and too few appreciate them! It’s part of life – don’t let that part go! Let go of Me World if it restricts unfairly the choices of others…even if their choice differs from your own.

Perhaps especially if it does!




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