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Our Top Five Superbowl Ad Picks

February 4, 2013

While many don’t watch football, or use the Superbowl Time to do about anything shopping wise as so many others will be home watching the game, the commercials have long been something that attract attention. This sometimes is more than the game itself, according to a poll on Yahoo! (not yet finished) that showed for every person watching the game two were watching for the commercials!

Our favorite ads skipped the ones many found appealing. And it passed completely over the ad for Godaddy (who hosts our website) as we don’t think we have to be model sexy to sell there – although some disagree, and we could hire a model how transparent and honest would that be? It was disgusting!

But the ones that made us smile, laugh out loud or shed a tear…starting with one that until the end you don’t even know directly what it’s advertising! Genius!

1. Dodge

In our search for trucks we had it down to Chevy and Dodge as the preferred trucks. This makes me think even stronger, along with the support of the Future Farmers of America, it will be a Dodge.


Anyone who’s raised someone else’s horse, watched them leave and excel can relate to this. It doesn’t have to be ownership, it’s commitment. OK so we like the rare breeds too! (Yes Clydesdales are rare, although well known.) There’s fewer than 2500 registered in the US every year, and less than 10,000 globally. Budweiser has made them well known, and without them the Clydesdale may well be gone.

3. Jeep

Anyone who’s read this blog for long knows this one would resonate with us! “We are a nation that is whole again.”

4. Kia

Just a laugh!


Funny!  And possibly almost as many questions as I’ll have! 🙂

While we aren’t big enough to spend millions on Super Bowl ads, we enjoy watching the big companies that can – these were well done. Three of the five are ads for vehicles – incredible!

A bonus kudos to Coke for this one –

Watch for some changes – and a chance to get first dibs on sales! Maybe we’ll be able to come up with some creative videos this year! But for now I enjoy engaging people here on the blog, on Facebook and when I can on Twitter. Hope you enjoy our list! What was your favorite?


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