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Is Progress Bad?

February 6, 2013

Much was said in reaction to Dodge’s SuperBowl ad — and it’d odd that a tribute to farmers and ranchers that keep this country fed, clothed and provide extra benefits most don’t see could be polarizing.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFarmers and processors offer an array of food our ancestors could not have imagined. Is it all bad? I don’t think so! It’s true many don’t like the choices, the options and ways that those choices are provided, or the many things they don’t understand.

Farms today might use Suffolk horses for field work or a GPS auto steer tractor! Today’s farmers still shed a tear when losing a newborn foal, calf or lamb. There are more options than ever before without parting with anything but money! All of those things that are in the Paul Harvey speech – folks still do it today! We weed, seed, harvest and are members of our communities and in many ways have a different view of life because of what we do.

We are offering unique possibilities to eat as they did years ago, but in ways that weaves in the ability to keep those chicks and other livestock alive and thriving. We support consumer choices because we need consumer choices to thrive!


At the same time, if an animal is hurt and can be saved with modern medicine, we’re thankful! We’re thankful for the reliable vehicles available today that are able to go to town but still do what we need on the farm. We’re content to see those pink combed pullets fluttering outside on a spring day. We love being able to use “technology” that was around 120 years ago, like many of our breeds of livestock, but in ways we haven’t heard anyone doing before! We’re excited about using new ideas to solve problems and yet make do as farmers have been doing for generations.

We’re not like the farms of our friends – and for that we can all be grateful because the colorful patchwork is what makes agriculture. We appreciate the availability of John’s Custom Meats to take our animals and get the most meat possible to your freezer. We’re thankful for friends who raise popcorn, beef, pork, lamb and turkeys in larger volume than we so that while our customers have these things, so do those who aren’t our customers but want it.

Tradition. Technology. Growing. Harvesting. Processing. Community. These things were part of agriculture for decades before that speech at the FFA convention. They’re still a part of agriculture today.

It is your choice what you care to support in action.

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