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Does Food Matter?

February 9, 2013

We all eat daily. Some focus on the health problems in modern society from obesity to heart disease to a range of other problems. Many blame food, be it GMO foods, processed food, deficiencies on up to farming practices and modern foods. Can it be deeper? DNA deeper?

I’ve been reading Pottenger’s Prophecy – pretty detailed stuff with research citations. Some food for thought in some of the statements that opens much. The introduction details experiments in the 1930s  with cats. Separated into control groups they were fed raw food, cooked meat (not a natural cat diet) – their health was monitored as well as fertility.  In just a few generations the cats on inferior diets ceased to pass anything on – there was no next generation.

In time the studies turned to people. They looked at the number of births in a particular area, both when food was plentiful and when it wasn’t.

“The results were quite unexpected and surprising, in part, because they were sex specific. When the grandparents had an abundance of food, you would expect their offspring to live long lives and be healthy. But this isn’t what happened. Rather, the archives revealed that the grandsons whose fathers had an abundance of food lived 31 years less than grandsons of grandfathers who had poor food availability. Not only did death certificates reveal their lifespan was significantly shorter, they died early from heart disease and diabetes.

There is indication the nutrition of the mother ‘programs’ the genes further. So thinking back to my grandparent’s time is it, in a way, more indication that genetics is at work, not just our current food supply that gets the blame?

I’m not all the way through the book yet – but definitely there is much to consider! Nutrition can balance it, but clearly we’re not all the same so what works for some doesn’t work for all. Haven’t we figured that out?! 🙂

Interesting indeed!

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