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What We Love

February 14, 2013

Valentine’s day is something many look forward to and others consider Single Awareness Day.  Some will get engaged, some will get married, others just happy with a good book and comfort food. But if Valentine’s Day shows anything, it’s that we put effort into what we find value in. What we love.

As we launch an Indiegogo project we’re determined to, somehow, get this land paid and get moving forward. We’d like to offer more heart healthy lean rabbit meat, and more food options than we can here. It’s important for many reasons.

Some of the breeds used don’t have indefinite amounts of time for “someday”. Some people want food choices but haven’t yet found us yet…and we’re little so it’s beyond a needle in a haystack. It’s threading the needle in the haystack!

But we know there’s demand because we hear it – we know people want food choices because we hear it. And we know we’re a bit ahead of the rest of the world in some ways too!

So with that in mind – five things we love today and every day.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA1. Food choices. We can choose what we want, be it fast food or comfort food in the crockpot. We can have rabbit curry or $5 pizza. We have food choices. Everyone has food choices. We shouldn’t take that for granted.

2. Our dogs. They are there unconditionally…the down days when something dies and the good days when we get a little extra money and can do one more thing towards our goal. And Diva really doesn’t care. They don’t have the concept of what next month holds – it’s here and now. We learn from that too!

3. Our friends and family. Life isn’t nearly as fun without laughter, good times and – yes – the not so good times too.

4. Our health – being sick isn’t fun. Getting tired after short tasks, not having the ability to get through the day, food allergies…a host of things I’m glad to not have to deal with. All the money in the world can’t guarantee good health.

5. America. Our communities, our country, those who unselfishly gave their lives to defend a way of life that many hate but others die trying to reach. Today and every day I’m thankful for being in the USA.

What we love doesn’t have to be romantic with one person. It doesn’t have to be chocolate and imported flowers. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Tell those you love that you love them.

Every day.

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