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I Love You I Hate You

February 21, 2013

Have you ever known people like this? As long as they want something from you they’re nice. Sometimes this happens after their true colors show, which prevents you from cuddling up with a porcupine!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAConsider the organic farmer who sent me a letter – personally from his farm – as a means to gather support for presented legislation on chickens. Now for the most part I agree with the measure, however I think it should be done by public demand – but that’s not why his email made it’s way to the trash without the action he wanted.

You see I recognized the name of the man. He verbally shredded me to a group of anti-agriculture folks, thinking I’d never know. There were criticisms of my operation despite the fact that neither he nor anyone involved has ever been to my operation. Probably never visited any of the social media sites I maintain either, or it’d be seen as outright slander.

I can respect not everyone likes what we do. That’s ok – it takes all kinds to serve all markets. We believe in what we’re doing and clearly most farmers do, or they’d change it! I don’t think a difference of opinion alone constitutes cruelty. And I don’t think the majority of folks would see the above photo as a “factory farm” – but some do! You see, if we don’t agree with everything, including condemning our brothers and sisters in agriculture, then we must be!

We believe in food choices…and that includes choices that we may not make for ourselves. Although we provide some of those choices, we must also allow food for those in cities who buy from the store and depend on the larger, volume production model farms.

I’m thankful there’s food choices for all, and thankful for early lessons in treating people fairly, which we try to do! I don’t worry about “did I slam this person last week/month’ because I don’t verbally shred people to begin with. It’s so much easier!

An old adage is liars need good memories. My memory can be faulty! The alternative is being honest and not having to remember! Be honest, treat others fairly even if disagreeing and we get to talk with more people.

That’s a good thing!


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