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Concrete Angels

February 23, 2013

It happens too often. Somewhere right now a child is being beaten. Somewhere right now the person or persons who were supposed to love them and protect them are using fists and feet to take their emotions out on a child that is powerless to defend himself. Somewhere every day judges and authorities are ruling that, no matter the threat, the child must be allowed to be with both parents.

And somewhere tonight a child is paying for that decision. Last weekend it was Lilly, just two years. old.  What could a two year old child possibly do to unleash the rage that resulted in a fatal beating? It’s behind closed doors. It’s in poor neighborhoods and wealthier ones.

Lilly will never go to school. She’ll never go to the prom or fall in love or get married. She’ll never be able to compete at a fair or sing in a church choir. Her dad took that from her. And in an inexcusable action he then let her lay until she stopped breathing days later. What can a child ever do to deserve this?

There are too many Lilly’s out there. It’s time we find a better way.


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