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Why Do We Love Negative Nellie?

February 28, 2013

People embrace negative. From headlines to gossip. We hear about the negative stuff in the news.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe don’t hear how Hattiesburg Mississippi picked themselves up and rebuilt after the tornadoes just weeks ago. We don’t hear about the many food processors and farmers who make our food safe. We don’t often hear about the football star who serves his community or the teenager who does extraordinary things to help others.

We hear about the riots, the recalls, the arrests and the drunken brawls. We hear about the harm brought to others and the poor excuse of biology that results in a man beating to death his two year old daughter, without ever noting the millions of men who would give their own life before letting harm come to their child.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo it’s easy to see, then, that as a whole society we’re attracted to the negative. We like to criticize and walk on people, or companies, even if it’s outright fabricated lies, so long as we can say we’re doing it for the greater good.

How is it, then, the greater good to condemn popcorn growers and manufacturers for “poisoning the planet with Monsanto seeds” when in fact there are no GMO varieties of popcorn? How is it honest to then say well sweet corn is…which seems akin to saying people should wear seatbelts because bicycles are slower.

Why can’t we celebrate the good things, period? Why can’t we spread the good news in our communities and country and give less power to the negative? Is it any wonder we’re angrier,  more emotional, more reactional than in years past? We’re bombarded with negative and start to think negative.

Think what might be possible if surrounded with good.

Now. What will you do to make that happen? What is stopping you from spreading the good stories? Of positive advertising and celebrating our own causes without stomping on others?

Do it. Do it today. The world is waiting.

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