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Are You Scared Or Prepared?

March 5, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe political scales are tipping. Talk of sequestering, shortages, and some on up to government takeover or collapse have people fearful. People are afraid of what’s in our food…or what’s really in our food as if it’s a secret code.

And for many political types that works. For corporations that works. If you’re afraid they can sell or present you something to solve your fears. Just sign here, get a pat on the head and they’ll take care of the bad guys. Except what if they’re the bad guys?

I’ve often said I dislike fear factor food because sooner or later people run out of things to be afraid of. I look at our animal friends in a farm kind of way about how to deal with these fears.

There’s the view like many cattle – here and now, that’s over there and don’t worry about it. Go about our own business.

SandyBuckskinThere’s the young horse approach – get back a bit and look it over, study it, process it and find another way. There’s the sheep approach – stomp in protest then run blindly from the threat.

Or get prepared. Take action, do something to insure your own life decisions. This isn’t of fear, as many imply, but in action to not be afraid. If *it* doesn’t happen so what – you were ready!

Would you rather be ready or be sorry? How do you get ready? If you’re starting now it’s playing catchup. Have enough food stored up, and an alternate way of preparing it if there’s no power. Insure your food supply – some experts say there is a three day supply in grocery stores, and perhaps that is generous. Have food and water stored up to take care of your family. We have farm shares but keep in mind that it takes time to grow veggies, pork, chicken, rabbits. There is a long time ahead to buy a share and wait for food to come in if you have no other plans. Think of that as your long term vs short term storage. You need both.

Have a ‘bailout’ place to go. We can help a couple people with this too, but it’s a tough situation when in need and you don’t know where to go.

The *it* may be a storm or disaster, it may be financial, it may be governmental but one thing is pretty much for certain – at some point you’ll be glad you’ll have it.

People used to laugh at my stocking up. It ceased to be funny when work slowed, and in November and December we scraped the bottom of the barrel. We’re just now getting above water again, and if not for that stocking up we’d have done without.

Don’t underestimate, don’t fear but don’t ignore the urgency.  It’s better to be prepared than wishing you had been, and not sure how you’ll feed yourself or your kids next week. It’s a horrible place to be.

You have a choice. Right now. Be prepared. Or be scared. Take action – you’ll be glad you did.

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