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What’s In a Name?

March 13, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASome time ago I started a group for our friends/fans, even with a page on here. And I think the group of folks needs a name.

So I’ve thought about some ideas – a little country, a little value, a little VIP behind the scenes special access pass because we are, after all, a direct purchase farm that relates directly with our customers. Our friends. Music folks have a street team – ours is more back road bonfire in the hayfield type stuff, but for the type of person that gets us. They get what we do and we get them.

But it needs a name beyond and as part of ‘homework’ it’s past time to do this little detail. I’ve tossed some ideas around but can’t think of just the right one. So I thought why not have YOU name it.

After all we have some awesome subscribers here on the blog, a great group of people following us on Facebook and Twitter…so why not?! But it’s more than just a contest…there’s free stuff for the winning name! So in this last week of winter…put your thinking caps on, get the creative juices flowing and put a name suggestion in the comments here.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe winner, chosen on the 20th (first day of spring!) gets a one year subscription and some extra goodies. This is open to everyone – customers, readers, just passing through.

A basic guideline – yes we must have some kind of rules! – it should reflect on what we do, which is pretty easily seen if you look through the blog. Simplicity, value, good food, a touch of class with a whole lot of country wrapped up with a southern bow. Easy right?

We’ll have to disqualify obscene or offensive names – not the place for it here. You may submit up to five suggestions…but we’re looking for one name so more doesn’t necessarily mean better! Be sure to leave us a way to contact you! And check back on the 21st to see our ‘club’ name! We’ll have several random gifts to send also, drawn from all entries.

So spread the word, leave your suggestions (keep in mind we do monitor comments to keep spam out…we don’t sell processed food and don’t do processed comments! 😀  ) and thank you!

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