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Talent or Entertainment – Country Music & Agriculture

March 15, 2013

Last night country music legend Jack Greene passed away, and the comments in many tributes show he was thought of as “real country” before all the hype. It was said the current stars would be the downfall of country, as it was said 10 years ago and said when Garth, Alan and Clint hit town before, and said when Tanya Tucker crossed over years before.

With music, as well as other industries, it’s often an opinion of who has real talent and who is an entertainer. Both get attention, but some think talent trumps.

Consider one held up as a classic singer and player – Steve Wariner.

One of the current big stars, Luke Bryan has a much different sound and look, embracing entertaining people as well as singing. He embraces agriculture in “Rain is a Good Thing”, but some critics say he’s not country.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMusic as changed, flow and ebb and evolved with tastes. Agriculture does too. What people want we’ll produce. Like country music, there are those who want the serious functional talent, and some want a show. There are those who critically say some are more show than serious.

Under it all, there’s a demand for them too. Be it organic, conventional, livestock or crops, whatever current fad label one wants to put on us – there’s someone out here doing it because someone wants to buy it.

As we approach national ag day next week, we want to take a minute to thank all of those in all aspects of agriculture. Our peers, some say our competitors, our network. None of us can feed our country alone, let alone the world. Those growing for an international market wouldn’t be able to do so if not for someone growing for the domestic one to feed them.

Celebrate agriculture. Like country music, there’s many faces, sounds and backgrounds. Perhaps that’s why so many link the two together.

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