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Saturday Market – CSA Shares at SlowMoneyFarm

March 16, 2013


If you’re interested in a more traditional CSA – paying a flat fee and splitting the food grown – we have that for 15 people. Cost is $75 per month, and available to those taking drops in Walker County, Alabama,  Bowling Green, Kentucky or Nashville, Tennessee. There is less choice for what is raised, and the crop is split among everyone participating. This would be for produce and eggs, although it could be in addition to a meat package. There are seven monthly payments for these – but it brings affordable food down to another food level. These are, however, very limited in scope, so if you want in sign up  quickly! We’re signing up now for 2013 so don’t wait!

Feathered Pig CSA package – a friend once referred to ducks and fast growing poultry as “feathered pigs” so here’s a feathered pig package! This is for 12 chickens, 2 turkeys and 3 ducks – $400. Split into 10 payments of $40 each, delivery monthly or one drop beginning in May, with two turkeys added on in November 2013 delivery. You can expect approximately 60 pounds of meat. Delivery to Walker county Alabama, Bowling Green KY or Nashville pickup location $5; same charge for St. Louis if 10 people signed up.

Lamb Shares will contain 4-5# of lamb per month for six months.  Shipments will contain some of the following (will vary by delivery): whole leg of lamb roasts, shoulder roasts, chops, burger, and stew meat.  Optional marrow bones for soup stock will be available in limited quantity – please indicate when ordering. Price for a Lamb share is $225 – split into 10 payments starting now.

Pork Shares will contain 5-6# of pork per month for six months. Shipments will contain some of the following (will vary by delivery): roasts, ham, pork chops, bacon, breakfast sausage, and ribs.$125 per share

Broiler Chicken Shares will be for whole chickens.  Birds average 4-5.5#/bird (dressed).  Shares include one chicken per month for six months.   Hearts, livers and gizzards available upon request – please indicate when ordering.  If smaller birds or earlier shipments are desired please indicate when ordering – we can harvest birds at a younger age for smaller order requests.  Price for a Chicken share is $85

Meat Rabbits:  Our meat rabbits (fryers) average 3-4# (dressed).  Rabbits may be ordered as a share (one rabbit/month for 6 months).  Shares will begin (like our other shares) in May. Price for a rabbit share is $100.
Individual rabbits will be sold by the pound at $6/pound.

Turkeys – we have options! Our outdoor based turkeys come in two varieties – heritage and commercial breeds.

Commercial Turkey breeds include broad-breasted white and broad-breasted bronze.  These breeds mature faster than the heritage breeds and reach sizes of 15-30 pounds.  Please indicate when ordering if a larger or smaller bird is desired. Price for a Commercial Turkey (by the bird) is $3.50/lb.  A deposit of $50/bird is required to hold your reservation.

Heritage Turkey breeds include Midget White (critical status), Narragansett (threatened), Bourbon Red (watch), Royal Palm (watch), Black Spanish. The heritage breeds we raise each year depend on availability of poults.  These birds can take longer to reach market weights (8-14# hens, 13-23# toms) but are known for outstanding taste that make it well worth the weight (and the price!).  Dressed these birds will average 6-10 pounds for hens and 9-16# for toms, depending on the breed.  Price for a Heritage Turkey (by the bird) is $5.50/lb.  A deposit of $50/bird is required to hold your reservation.  Please indicate if a smaller or larger bird is desired.  Hearts, livers and gizzards are available upon request.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEgg Share – Eight months of fresh eggs! This is for a dozen per week, for eight months! $115

Mixed meat share – approximately 30 pounds of meat per month for $180. This package will vary and is designed for the single or couple who don’t need a stock up of the larger shares. May include chicken, rabbit, pork, beef, lamb. This allows a pound per day for a small family, or you can freeze and stretch it to 2-3 months. You may buy up to six monthly amounts, depending on your use – every other month, or two months is fine so long as we know going in what we need to grow for! May vary from whole to ground meat.

Produce share – add to any meat share for fresh herbs and produce. Six months just $300 – that’s just $50/month for farm fresh produce.

We will have beef shares later as we get transferred to Kentucky and have room for pasture.

All CSA shares are for local pickup. May be delivered if a group purchase of 8 or more for $5 per person to points in Louisville, Nashville, Lexington, Birmingham,  St. Louis and Peoria IL. Book now and pay just $25 per month until your share is paid off! Or pay in full and get a bonus added onto your package!

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