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13 Questions With SlowMoneyFarm

March 22, 2013

Along with the online social media and blogs, I read other blogs. Some are farm or ag related, some are not, but one I like is AnIrishMaleInAmerica – it’s good to stretch the brain, think, ask and answer questions. Recently he posted 13 questions and – well, it seemed worth a ‘random’ blog post as a means of sharing!

1: What is the worst time of year for you?

I’m not sure there’s a worst time – cold weather doesn’t mix well with babies, but neither does storms. I guess a bigger thing is the changing seasons where it can be a 30-40 degree drop in a day because it’s hard on the animals, and the blazing hot days for the same reason.
2: What is your favorite farm job?

Handling babies. Foals, calves, bunnies, chicks, lambs – doesn’t matter. Seeing them grow from helpless newborns to healthy, mature, beautiful productive animals. With each generation we create beauty.
3: What is your least favorite farm job?

Losing an animal due to accident or injury. Yes that ranks lower than manure hauling, Things happen, but it never gets easier.
4: What type of truck do you drive (on the job) and why did you choose it?

Since our old F150 gave up the ghost, we’ve been truckless. Hauling feed and critters in an RX7 sucks, pure and simple! It’s hard to get more than a few bags at a time. So, waiting for our angel funds one of the things on the list is a pickup. I’m looking closely at Dodge Ram and Chevy. My dad always had Chevy pickups, always dependable. I’m leaning towards a Dodge Ram also though, not just because of the “God Made a Farmer” commercial, but because the little Ram I had once was the best, most reliable truck I’ve ever owned. If the next one logs half the miles it’ll be worth the money.

5: What’s the hardest lesson you’ve learned in your line of work?

Life’s not fair, and many saying they support small farmers really don’t. Consumers are fickle! Commitment issues abound! 😀 And, while it may sound oxymoronic – agriculture has brought some of the coolest people to me, both peers and customers. Good people, good neighbors, many memories.
6: What do you think is the most valuable tool you have, the one you probably couldn’t live without?

Oh there’s many that could fit here, for various reasons. But, outside the box that it might be, the in-planning rabbit barn is one I don’t want to be without once we get it done. Climate controlled, off the grid, self sustaining and opening into new territory.
7: What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about your business/what you do?

The “breed like rabbits” snickers.That small places are less serious.
8: If you could invest in a new piece of farm equipment tomorrow, what would it be?

No doubt, a truck. If that doesn’t count a TMR mixer that we could use to stock up and make use of large bales of hay, chopping it and mixing it for the rabbit sized ‘servings’.
9: What was the most serious injury you ever suffered in the line of work?

A concussion, and two shoulder injuries – all with horses.
10: Least favorite animal to deal with?

Llamas – bad experience,one I don’t care to ever repeat. Whether misrepresented by the seller or that’s how they are – am not a fan of them.
11: (excluding all of the above) What’s the dumbest question you’ve ever been asked?

Do goats or cows have to breed to give milk (asked by someone with four children with her). Many I found funny, admittedly but the only dumb question, really, is the one not asked.I would rather be asked than have someone leave not knowing. (I’ve asked dumb questions too – hand me a cellular phone! ha!)
12: Favorite beer?

Of ordinary available everywhere, Bud Light. Even better – Tequiza. Even better – Desperado but I can’t find it anymore. 😀 Not much of a beer drinker, but once in a great while.

13: Thing you’d most like the public to know about what you do! (I admit you do this every day on your blogs no doubt, but was looking for something addressing maybe a misconception you hear the most about your business!)

We do what is best for our farm and our situation. Someone else’s may be different, so if bigger or smaller, or different breeds or management – we all do the best we can for our customers.

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