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The Rollercoaster Dips

April 2, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASometimes the best times and the lowest come from doing what we do. Losing an entire litter of bunnies, having promises not come through, seeing months of work erased in a short period of time – all not fun.

Then there’s seeing another generation of healthy babies born, or seeing your home raised animal win a show, or looking at a full freezer of food and knowing where it came from. Those are the good times. The times that for a few minutes make us forget the rollercoaster of life dips.

And some of those dips are found in the track that is consumer demand. Perhaps we’d be better off joining the condemnation of those not like us, but is that HONEST? Is that the transparency people want, or do you just want to know straight up, no games, this is what we do?

I’ve seen people I otherwise agree with slam “modern farmers” for using methods that work for them. There’s talk of terminator genes, which aren’t even commercially available, as well as not commercially available wheat and oats. “Oh but it’s in testing.” What testing? The same TESTING (yes emphasis!) that we’re told doesn’t happen with GMO technology?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe offer alternatives for people who want food choices. I believe, and am questioning that it’s wrong, that there are people out there who just want to know, without gimmicks and testing and jumping through a Grand National course of obstacles, what is in their food and how it was produced.

We hear “it’s all about money”. Well, in a way yes it is. Because I can guarantee you when you’re told it’s on the way, and it isn’t, it gets expensive in a hurry and if you don’t have the money it takes a long time to recover. We’re in that struggling phase again, and I’m not sure it’s one we’ll be able to recover from.

So this week is a time to step back, re-evaluate, shed a tear of frustration, regroup and go back to looking for a way to make this expansion happen for real. Setbacks are the end only if we let them be.

And yes, yesterday’s post was an April Fool’s prank! Only just.

This, too, shall pass.

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