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Do You Hear (Accurately) What I Say?

April 9, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“You just don’t understand!” It seems like this is said from about 13 years on. What if in response we said “OK so help me understand what you mean”? Can it be that easy?

Haters are going to hate. People who want to be right rather than fix something are going to hang on to the last breath of an argument. People who want to pick an argument are going to find controversy everywhere, as if their motto is ‘never pass up a chance to be offended.’

For most of us that’s called life.

So Brad Paisley (country singer/writer for those who don’t follow country music) wrote and recorded a song that is for some reason embroiled in controversy. The song is a duet with LL Cool J and centers on giving people a chance, not judging, finding a way to communicate and moving forward. How can those things ever be bad? Read it, see it.

There are many issues that are personal, that people are liked or not liked for their views, the way they look. We don’t have to stop listening when we have a discussion.

Not surprisingly, many don’t like the song. We can’t get along because people don’t want us to get along. It’s not 1850 – we can decide to accept who we want. Or, as my Facebook friend Steve said:

I heard nothing Racist in this song I heard two grown men saying you know what was it was that’s why its called History! but what is it is and that’s up to us too change then 150 yrs from now it will be called history. Think about this if the people from the 1800,s came here to our time they would be shot for the things they done! but if we went back to their time a lot of us would be shot for the things we do now.

How true is that? We think there is no progress, but in that light it’s true. Things acceptable then would not be tolerated today. There are times I wonder about that, but I think there are more good people than bad.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo what’s this have to do with agriculture? Food? The means of having the conversation despite differences still applies. If we can’t find the common ground who does without? The controversy, the potential for different views and misunderstandings are many. Breaking it down to basics and finding common ground would seem an obvious place to start.

Is that even possible when people don’t want to find common ground but want to eliminate?

Tonight’s agchat deals with transparency and features the Farm Kings. We strive for communication and conversations here – one step at a time. It’s not just the Mason Dixon line that needs fixin’ – but it’s a start.

Being hated for existing is inexcusable. Sadly, there are some who hate others based on skin color and there are many who hang on to that rather than say “it ends with me.” You and I don’t have to keep that going. And there are many who, also, hate because someone raises hogs or cattle or rabbits, or they process meats, or they are organic or they plant GMO corn. Hate abounds.

When are we going to search for and support the common ground, the conversation that says “it ends with me”? Let’s foster those conversations.

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