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April Showers Bring…Storms

April 12, 2013

It’s spring in Dixie and that means storms. It’s been a busy week here at SlowMoneyFarm. We’ve had four more litters of bunnies born, including Angelia’s 10 this morning.

This is the type of doe we just love. Yesterday storms rolled through including tornadoes south of here across the Mississippi line. That storm took a line that passed just a few miles west of us. We had lots of rain, lightning,some impressive booms from nearby strikes. but not the wind damage of many just a few miles away.

We’ll have to rebuild the roof of one of the hoops but there were some that had much more damage. The winds went around us, thankfully. Unexpectedly so. The amount of water, though, was more than the roof of the hoop could take.

The problematic point is an injury – a slip on a muddy spot and it’ll be a while before getting up to speed again. Some putting feet up last night and taking time to let it heal is in order. At the same time, we have so much to do!  Still, it’s right at the knee so is important for long term to take care of it.

Many would go to the doctor – a fact I pondered yesterday. Probably would get a painkiller, told to take it easy for a few days. I’ll put some liniment on it – not made for people but it works! – and if necessary wrap it. It’s how I’ve learned all through life…not tossing aside medical treatment but not running to the doctor for every bump, bruise, scrape or strain. If it’s good enough for a Thoroughbred…!

So another storm, another cleanup, preparation for next time. What a week! What an adventure.

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