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What If the Best Times Are Now?

April 17, 2013

Often I hear people talk of the “good old days” – simplicity, grandma and grandpa’s time when there was less to worry about. Yet Grandma and Grandpa had plenty to worry about! Making a living, providing for the family, getting through one more month. Pretty much like now.

This morning the great race mare Black Caviar was retired. Those who don’t follow horse racing won’t grasp what the Australian mare has done – 25 races in good company and undefeated. She is a superstar. She’s the best horse to come out of Australia since Pharlap…and some say she’s done more than the beloved Pharlap.

Here in America our greatest horse comes down to, usually, Man O War or Secretariat. An expert said once that the greatest horse in American history was in our generation – Secretariat. Here’s a career-making performance:

What if those best times ever are right now? There’s problems, yes. There’s the horrendous lack of respect that leads to school shootings, bombs at the Boston Marathon and shootings of innocent people by bullies just because they can. Are we so naive to not see other generations, too, had their bullies? While my Grandmother was trying to figure out moving on as a single mom of three boys, Hitler was murdering, torturing thousands of people. Are we really arrogant enough to think that was simple or easy?

Let’s not miss *now* folks. While the marks are high for horse racing, and life, let’s not miss the many special moments. Let’s not miss the Affirmed and Alydar, Seattle Slew, Tiznow, Lady’s Secret and Zenyatta. Let’s not miss living today. Cherish it. The best times *we have* we’ll look back at one day and wish we were back there.

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