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Boston, Texas, OKC & Bunnies

April 18, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHas anyone else hit overwhelm from the media this week? The frenzy of negativity has meant turning it off for bits of time, although we need to keep an eye on the weather. It is, after all, spring in Alabama and we don’t want to be the next news headline.

The bombs set at the Boston Marathon earlier this week were another act of a coward wanting to be in the news but not take the consequences for it. As it approaches the end of the week, we again stop on 4/19 as we do every year to think back to a life in Oklahoma when another coward made his mark on US history, killing innocent children and adults alike. As we pause today, it’s having last night seen a similar devastating explosion in West, Texas.

I see the flood waters rise up in Illinois near home in other reports. I see a Mississippi man mailing harmful materials to officials that guarantees life as he knows it is over. The madness continues.

I think back in the hours and days after Oklahoma City – those who stood up and stood united. We would change. Then came 9/11 and again vows to focus on what was really important. To look at headlines now that would be celebrities, enacting laws and bashing those who oppose us. Not families, not time at home or simplicity of our ancestors.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe world’s crazier than ever. So yesterday Connor and I went out to clean some cages, move some bunnies around and prepare for the next group. Perhaps today, while reflecting on a tech withdrawal, let’s just share some pictures. Not to forget those in need, but to honor them, to honor our promises of taking time.

Then go hug your family. Get out a board game, pop some popcorn and spend some time together. Make some memories.

It’s past time. Make a memory for every person lost in Oklahoma City, and another one for each life lost in Texas.

Make it count.

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