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Enjoy Barn Cleaning With Sony (& Reba!)

April 20, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFriends know I’m tech challenged in some ways – and I make no bones about it! I’m probably one of the few folks who have never touched a smart phone and wouldn’t know how to operate one. So when there’s a product I can use easily it’s awesome!

In the interest of full disclosure, I received one of these in a Klout perk offer, and when I initially completed it there was a message that they were all gone, but an option to be on a list if more became available. I forgot about it until a few weeks later a box arrived with a surprise.

This, however, is a cool little item! It’s made for runners, and is a hands free Sony Walkman digital headphone. It’s water resistant, so sweat doesn’t bother it. This also means an accidental pass too close to a sprinkler or misting system in the summer won’t bother it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s easy to upload music into and has a pretty good sound too. It’s hands free so no wires to get hung up on something – I can tattoo rabbits, weed raised beds, clean under cages or any other task and still hear music without sharing it with everyone else.

I can see some other cool uses for it – a few possibilities:

– Horse folks – many practice a freestyle routine to music but don’t want the horse to learn and anticipate – this lets *you* hear it without the horse hearing. You can practice a trouble spot or new routine without anticipation.

– Weeding – there’s not a great deal of thought but spring garden work has a way of continuing throughout the year. Some good music can make the time more pleasant!

– Barn cleaning – ok this is a necessary task that few *like* to do but it must be done. Make it more pleasant with some kicking music to get you going – work out while working!

– Painting.  Whether painting fence or sprucing up yard equipment, again time passes easier with music.

You obviously wouldn’t want to use the earplugs on tight with machinery that you might need to hear if there’s a change in operation, or risky situations where hearing would be essential. But for many tasks around the outside part of life, this is a great gadget.

If you haven’t had a Walkman since cassette tapes were new, try this! It comes with a USB cord that plugs into your computer to charge and to download music (drag and drop is something even I can do!).

I see mine getting a lot of use this spring and summer! Stephen Cochran and Reba “joined me” for some chores today – what a boost!

Some upbeat music and a nice day – let’s get to it!

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