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Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

April 22, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMany think saving energy is great if someone else does it. Recycling is great if it’s not inconvenient. So what about Earth day? The US Environmental Protection Agency lists a program of Pick 5 for the Environment with ideas to help pull your share.

Use the water you need and reuse when possible is among the first ideas for water conservation – which is a great idea! Yet when people want to tackle the reuse of greywater in irrigation of gardens, there are many opposed to it. There are those who see it as unclean or disgusting because the water that did your dishes might be used to water a tree or yard or garden bed.

Composting, greenscaping, native species, walking, renewable energy and recycling take center stage this time of year, and for most dwindle away by Memorial Day. Community involvement is a great idea – but in action it’s difficult to do, at least in this area.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe hear reasons (or excuses, depending on your perspective)  of inconvenience, not enough time, too expensive and other issues. We live in a perpetual quest for better ways – from taking yard waste and kitchen waste to offering manure and compost for other people to grow and naturally fertilize gardens. This will continue!

Unfortunately we can’t make others participate. So what we will recommit to doing this day, month and year:

1. Reclaiming and reusing water for gardening irrigation, as needed, and other uses.

2. Renew effort to get interest from the community of yard waste for composting, bedding and other ‘green’ uses.

3. Planning to make better use of alternative power (fans) this summer and the misting system for animal comfort and growing things.

4. Find new ways to reuse things – we already use plasticized feed bags for tarps/covers, compost what we can, reuse plastic food containers and use it up/wear it out – but will seek even more ways to do so.

5. Push for more community involvement – there’s a lot more to do!

We are very aware of environmental applications to what we’re doing. We’re focused on making use of manures and not letting runoff contaminate area waterways, and increased brush and plantings to provide wildlife benefits, pest control and energy reduction. We are always seeking to do better, and as we expand will continue to do so.

It’s time for the spring cleaning, compost turning, fertilizing, planting more and looking at water use. It’s a busy time! If you’d like to support our quest, check out our active Indigogo project or page.

What will you do this Earth week?

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