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What Can We Do Better? A Reflection 4-27-11

April 27, 2013

April 27 will probably not mean much to those outside of our area, but it’s a time that challenged us and will live on in the minds of those remembering those lost on that day.

A clip from the weather folks who did what they could to prevent the loss of life. James Spann is an icon here – not just a weather guy but one we turn to when it gets real and the weather is wild.

In the days following 4/27 we were in many ways off the grid. There was no power. We kicked into motion, cooking over the grill outside and thankful for the cast iron pan. We strove to make use of what was in the freezer before it went bad, and found a new appreciation for women of years past who “only” had to do meals and manage the house – without modern conveniences!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur chickens, mostly, went on the next day. The phone calls started coming from folks out of the area asking if we were alright, if we needed anything. I won’t ever forget that, or assuring my friend Janice we were ok and she said I hadn’t seen the coverage if I was without power – and she was right. Living through it took time that when the power started coming on and I saw the coverage it was overwhelming. Sometimes just one foot in front of the other is better – keeping busy going forward is all we can do but keeps us from that overwhelm.

We found some things to do better. I think that’s being human. But we found a lot of things that we’d done right – and lessons to take forward. We’re more interested in what’s passed off as “preppers” because it made a difference for us. We didn’t have agencies here in town helping, as there were so many communities devastated to cover. The news outlets focused on the cities, but a lot of us were out here in the rural areas and small towns that, thankfully, did not get a direct hit but were affected.

We learned, and took notes and were thankful for stocking up and having fresh eggs every morning – even in chaos.

May we use it in clinics to help others – one of the objectives we want to do.

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