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Are You Happy? Scientific Happy?

May 10, 2013

I receive email from many sources. Comments on pages, mailing lists, social media all bring forth offers of a variety of types. But today I got a new one…one that made me wonder “are we really that lost?”

From New York City it’s the science of happy.

Happify is led by a group of proven serial entrepreneurs who have teamed up with the leading scientists and coaches in happiness research and training. Our goal is to provide users with an innovative new online/mobile product that uses interactive activities and games to help users form daily happiness habits and build social connections with like-minded happiness seekers.
Now we’re working on retreats, clinics and things to do that help people get away, revive, renew and escape for a short time. This goes up to a tech cleanse – yes it is what it sounds like – get away from phones, gadgets, everything for two days and see nature, the world around us. Not everyone has the blessings we do and it’s a way to share that.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABut it floors me that there are scientists, coaches, businesses and – well an industry! – based on helping people in cities happy. Daily happiness habits? Simplicity people! Check out the 5 minute break series here.
If the cities are that depressing – if someone is that unhappy that we must pay others to teach us to be happy MOVE! It’s not worth it. The money, the ‘advantages’ of the city aren’t worth the long term health issues. Move away!
It’s an eye opener for me to get the message so many are that removed from being happy – something everyone wants. It’s a good thing, I guess, someone is filling the need but it seems so much beyond the basics we share and do.
Take time out – walk a dog (if you don’t have one many shelters would be happy for help walking dogs!), watch the ducks at a lake or just spend some time in the sunshine.
Nature’s around us…being happy isn’t unattainable. Life is too short to be anything else.
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