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Why Would We Tattoo Bananas?

May 13, 2013

In earlier posts I showed how we tattoo ears to identify individual rabbits. But tattoos on bananas?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere is a reason! Recently I ordered an “EZ Tatt” – a tattoo pen that allows for touching up faded or incomplete tattoos as well as tattoo identification of ears for the first time.

So what’s with the banana? A banana or orange gives an opportunity to practice and get comfortable  using the pen before doing so on a live animal.

After some time practicing here the first one to be done was a brown meat mama. She didn’t even flinch as the tattoo was put in her ear. Her babies are still pretty small to do.

The pen was cheaper than a set of numbers and letters, which allows more flexibility than currently there. This week the pen will get some use. We have three more breeders to tattoo for clarity sake. Then a couple of Giant Chinchillas who are just breeders but important to identify, and then we’ll start in on the list of youngsters – show and breeding stock, some which will go into other herds.

This is what is used to tattoo LaMancha goats (no ear – the tattoo is on the under side of the tail) and even dogs for identification.

The pen puts a tattoo similar to a sharpie appearance – ideally, distinct and easy to read. It adds another level of identification to our toolbox. Accurate identification is important for pedigrees as well as records.

Starting with practice on bananas!

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