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If Slaughter Houses Had Glass Walls…

May 14, 2013

I’m including a reblog today from the sister blog, SlowMoneyFood. If you follow both blogs apologies for the dual post. Normally I keep different content on both, with that more food preparation, storage, selection, etc and this the how it gets to be food – production aspect. I feel this is an important topic, as although we have tapped humane small processors for our animals and birds, the majority of people who buy at the store or buy at a restaurant are eating that which comes from volume production of a much larger level. For those folks interested – a look at food. (Note – these videos show the slaughter of livestock – cattle and pigs. It’s not as gruesome as some videos portray, but full disclosure as to what is shown!)

Slow Money Food

Most people, statistically, eat meat. Many only see what the latest undercover video shows, and never see large operations.

With technology that can change, and here are two videos – one beef, one pork – showing start to finish processing of meat. Warning – this may be graphic for some to watch. It shows the slaughter of pigs and cattle. It is not as horrid as undercover videos portray, but animal lives are ending.


Those who buy direct will often have animals processed at home or at a small processor. The large processors supply volume – grocery stores, restaurants – the majority of the meat supply. The truth of what happens typically on a day in, day out basis gets the meat to consumers.

Many say if you buy at the grocery store you’re contributing to torture. With this little tour, you can see for yourself how that burger…

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