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Simplicity & Routine

May 16, 2013

I recently came across a little book called Simple Pleasures – Thoughts on Food, Friendship & Life by Stephanie Mills. I found a site a while back to read books and give feedback – and found some cool books that I might otherwise not have come across and on topics that interest me.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe title and cover jumped at me so I added a request. It’s not a long read – it’s the kind of “need a break give the mind easy think stuff” book. Enjoyable. It evokes images of the community of a food co-op, cooking in good times and bad, the simple pleasures of good manners and a classy presentation even on a budget.

Then towards the end the author gets into the destruction of the Earth, the hopelessness dark times that things are so bad suicide is an answer. That isn’t embracing simple living in my mind. Overall, it’s a good read for an “escape afternoon” rainy day or afternoon down time, but the darkness doesn’t seem to me to embrace simple pleasures.

Still, it takes all sides to have balance. Routine. Routine can be confining or a comfort, and my nephew Jake did an awesome post recently about routine from a life and martial arts aspect.

After years of following this routine, and with the plan of continuing for a life long commitment, this could be viewed as monotonous torture. But the truth is that there is solace found in routine. Although one should be careful with this feeling.

​Within a life of any routine, I feel that too often people confuse comfort with peace in their personal schedules. You should be able to relax your mind within your routine. If life seems too cluttered, fast-paced, and distracting, it is most likely because it is. A routine change might be in store. Cut back on something. Maybe lessen your load or burden for some time. There is no use carrying the world if your body can’t take the stress. The same can be said for your mind. People decide to simply accept the situations and carry on with their routine despite however disheartening and stressful it is. Or they become comfortable owning a routine with low expectations. This kind of routine never pushes the limits of an individual, and makes growth a difficult thing to cultivate.

​Wise words. We all have routine. We get up at a certain time, prepare for the day…what we eat, where we go and what we do is often routine. Farmers have routine. We kid ourselves that there’s lots of variety in things to do, and there is – but it’s also routine. Animals must be fed and watered and for those with dairy they must have routine.

Routine. Simple things. Both are needed. Both can be used to find peace of mind. Both should be a part of every life.

Are they part of yours?

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