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Shooting Rabbits And Other Animals

May 28, 2013

We shoot pictures. Often. Chickens, dogs, rabbits. For the blog, Facebook wall, capturing memories, marketing – many reasons for it but getting good photos doesn’t have to be expensive.

Today’s expenditure. $40.  Yes I’m giving away secrets today!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhile we show openly our animals as they really are, we like to present them at their best. It’s hard to have a studio or professional photographer, and we have the advantage of mobility that larger stock don’t have! Consider these three pictures…all taken in the same location at the same time, within minutes of each other. Notice the cast given to the photo (the lighting was not changed). This is the same rabbit – but the tan of the basket above really accentuates the baby tinge of brown on his back.

Remove the basket, and it almost doesn’t look like the same rabbit. Then, to change it up again, compare the third photo with these first two!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARemember these are all the same rabbit – but the dark colors reduces the “brassiness” a bit, I think, in the third photo with a dark background and dark floor.

This particular buck isn’t for sale, but if he was, that difference in appearance can alter someone’s perception and interest. Is it the *rabbit* or the coloring play around him?  You can see too that the depth of body – from the floor to the top of his back (laymans terms here!) looks different also depending on where I shoot from. Honest representation for conformation might even be a bit lower than the bottom photo. This principle applies to weight on cattle and horses, too, by the way!

The basket shot, too, doesn’t really give a good view of what he looks like. Cute, but if evaluating to purchase, always look at the animals in person first unless you trust the seller! Pictures can be honest or dishonest as the person holding the camera!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow we also have different colors of rabbits, which can be a challenge because some colors could make some rabbits “disappear”. For example, a white rabbit (or cow, horse, sheep etc!) on a white background makes it harder to see – and shadows might convince you of things that aren’t there.

So what do we use for photos?

This year a little creativity!

This fourth photo is a little doe who is 1/4 Champagne D’Argent, 1/4 Silver Fox and 1/2 Mini Rex. A small basket type chair at a yard sale caught my eye for the small rabbits – and something like this was what I pictured. I got four baskets at a yard sale – $10. I probably could have paid less but it was fair for what I wanted.


3 cloth shower curtains – brown (on the fence backdrop), off white and lavendar) – on sale $4 each

Matching bath rugs – brown, lavendar (goes under the rabbit for security) $3 each

4 hand towels – 2 pink, 2 blue 87 cents each. These were all purchased new at Dollar General on the sale table, with some not on sale large safety pins.

The table is a dog grooming table I’ve had for years.

With this I have 3 color options for a backdrop as well as a board fence for a rustic look if I want. Matching or contrast options of mats, or I can easily use a towel for more colors.

These items, a nice day (natural light but it’s shaded right here) and some cooperative bunnies and we’re set! I’m working on setting up a border in case of a rabbit that might have a thought of leaving!

The long basket I could use for a litter of small bunnies – add some daisies or rose petals and dress it up! I can alternate between fun pictures and more serious, conformation photos. I could put a hoop or tent over it pretty easily too. And everything could be packed up in a small plastic tub to keep it clean and in good condition, except for of course the table, which folds and fits against the wall in the house.

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