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Farm Shares For Pets

June 1, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMany people consider pets part of the family. For the pet’s benefit, it’s good to understand that pets are not people with fur or feathers – they’re different from us yet fit into our world. Make that deal work for them by honoring their unique needs when considering farm shares or food packages.

Many are concerned about what’s really in commercial dog food, how safe the ingredients are or would like to offer more variety without a lot of time. Perhaps your dog prefers ‘real food’ instead of kibble – many do!

We do have choices – big dogs or little dogs, as well as some bagged hay and other items for other pets.  Do your research, dog and cat owners, on raw food or Bones & Raw Food (BARF) diets. We have used this with dogs as small as fox terriers and as large as Anatolian Shepherds. They love whole rabbit, chicken or turkey. Yes there are cautions, and you’ll need to know and moderate your dog! If you feed chicken wings to a big dog that gulps feed, you’ll probably have a vet bill. 😦  That said, we’ve found when our dogs aren’t in a free for all competition, they can handle dressed or parts of real meat, with bones, as a natural part of their diet. Organ meats – from heart and liver to kidneys – are another part of a balanced diet.

If you’re paying for expensive premium feed, you may find this is an alternative. There is a great deal of information about the amount to feed – we use meats with a variety of foods – oatmeal, rice, veggies and other goodies. Many dogs love ‘chew toys’ from the feet of chicken or ducks. The small bones in rabbit offer natural nutrition with less risk of digestive problems, due to the small size.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAside from these possibilities, we will be offering grass and alfalfa chopped hay. These will be in smaller amounts, for those with just a few rabbits or other animals that make use of hay, but you have limited space to store it. This is the same hay we use for our own rabbits.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPerhaps you have parrots or other birds, like our Kitty, that enjoy a taste of whatever we’re having. Fresh produce can easily be chunked or diced, frozen and you have thaw and serve meals – convenient in your freezer. You know what is – and is not – in it, and can feel good about the diet your bird gets.

These items aren’t just manufactured from products we buy elsewhere. As with all of our farm share offerings, it’s up to you to research and choose your food choices based on your own decisions. The advantage here is you have items that are human food grade meats and veggies, and hay that we use for our own animals without soy or molasses additives.

It’s one more option from SlowMoneyFarm.

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