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4 Things Worth Getting at Best Value Prices

June 4, 2013

There are many things we use daily that we don’t really have to get the most expensive item. As I tell Connor, the chickens don’t care what kind of clothes he wears.

However, there are times when paying a little more for a good value is a long term investment. Comfort and safety are worth a little more.

So what four items do I think are important? Some might find these surprising, some will nod in agreement, some will disagree.

1. Good footwear. No I’m not one of those women who can’t go to the mall without bringing home shoes. I have long subscribed to the idea that if it covers my feet all is good. After having a large blister on a sensitive part of the foot this week, no more. Good boots, comfortable shoes. Boots that ease the stress of daily activity. Boots that keep feet dry and comfortable. Boots that last. And don’t leave blisters! Downtime is tough.

2. Bed. My ‘list’ doesn’t have fancy furniture or a 3,000 square foot home – but does have a sleep number bed and comfortable bedding. Think about it – we spend 1/3 of our day there (if getting 8 hours sleep). If not, it’s even more important to get a comfortable rest. It’s not only rest from the past day and regeneration for the next, but it’s a comfortable place to sooth muscles and mind. Or, if too hard it creates soreness and pressure points. Comfortable rest is critical to daily function and health. Why settle for less? I can sleep in a recliner – a bunk bed, the passenger seat of the car. But rest. Real reviving, restoring rest – that takes comfort.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA3. Cookware. It’s not a secret I love my cast iron pan. I got it several years ago from my dad for Christmas. It serves for daily cooking with little maintenance. It served on the grill cooking outdoors after the tornadoes. It stands up year after year, month after month. We’d been through several sets of nice looking (to start) non stick cookware. Teflon that can cause health hazards for birds. But the cast iron – with minimal maintenance it won’t need replaced. The handle is solid, the cooking surface is not changed.

MemorialDayParade1977WM4. First horse. Whether you have loved horses forever and are getting a first horse, or getting a first horse for a relative, don’t bargain shop. You find a nice horse that is a great fit – she’s $2,000. There’s another one 20 miles away who needs a little work but is $600 – she’ll be ok with some groceries. Why spend more? Wait! Before you write out that $600 check stop and call your local hospital. What does a trip to the emergency room cost? Is it more than $1,400? If you find a solid, reliable, been-there-done-that horse that you get along with don’t settle.

Choose wisely. Some things are just worth the money.

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