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Just Say No – Simplicity Quest

June 11, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALife’s a whirlwind isn’t it? The kids are going different directions, shopping needs done, the yard needs mowed and if all that isn’t enough you just found out there’s guests for dinner *and* someone needs 3 dozen cookies. Tomorrow.  Stressed? Who’s stressed?

You’re ready to run to the hills, find a hideaway and not return! Ever been there?! It usually happens here right before making a trip somewhere, in the pre-trip flourish of activities just one more thing….learn to say no. “I’m sorry – I can’t do that right now.”

Try it. Come on… “I’m sorry – I can’t do that right now.” Not so hard is it? Of course we can’t put off everything, but sometimes we can do better at prioritizing. When the limit is met – “I’m sorry – I can’t do that right now.” It’s received better than screaming “NO LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!” and doesn’t cause hard feelings for long!

It gets easier with practice. I promise it does. You can even get to a point you can smile when you say it (smile! no gritting teeth!) and offer an alternative time that works better for you if you really want to do the thing asked.

And someday, just maybe, you’ll be able to say it to spend time as a family without going somewhere. Won’t that be good?

That rush builds and too often the kids are gone. They went from kindergarten to soccer to football to college – it’s just been a week hasn’t it? Stop. Make use of the time now.

Someday – you’re gonna miss this. Learn to say no, enjoy what’s important.

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