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When I Am Queen…

June 12, 2013

Have you ever thought what life would be like in your little bubble if you were king/queen of it? If you could dole out things and – poof! – it was so, what would you do?

For example, if I was queen, anyone turning in a false report to harass a neighbor would actually face charges for taking up time of officials for nothing. Suck it up, get along, mind your own business.

When I am queen, everyone will take some kind of agriculture and food class in school. Doesn’t have to be a career, but know some basics!

When I am queen, no more breed targeting of dogs that do nothing wrong – but unruly dogs and their owners shall be made to obedience train or forfeit the dog. If they aren’t willing to train the dog, it’s not good for people or the dog.

When I am queen, domestic abuse and child abuse stops with lock up. Repeat criminals don’t get endless chances. Break the skin or cause a bruise and it’s an offense. After all, if a dog bite breaks the skin there are severe consequences in some areas. Why not if a human does?

When I am queen, people get food choices. Want raw milk? Go for it. Want organic – awesome.  Oh and along with that, because people don’t always make good choices, no lawsuits if the food makes you sick. Learn to choose wisely (see #1).  Also no more campaigns ‘against’ other food. Don’t want GMO? Don’t buy it. Don’t want raw milk, meat, veggies or Christmas cookies? Don’t eat them.

When I am queen, common sense will be rewarded. Games, not so much.

When I am queen law abiding veterans will be provided for as they should be.

When I am queen, what you do on your property is your business unless obviously illegal. You want your grass 2″ high – great. Neighbor wants a garden – great. You don’t like it, look at your yard.

When I am queen, if you leave a child or dog in a car in the sun and it’s more than 75 degrees out, prepare for consequences.

When I am queen, taking someone else’s child, dog, cow, horse…whatever without expressed permission is kidnapping or theft and treated as such.

When I am queen, cities or metro areas will be capped at 1 million people. Spread out a little! Easier on resources!

I know there’s not a snowball’s chance in a fiery pit of any of that happening, but for just a little while it’s nice to think about. Maybe kids could play outside. Maybe people would know how to cook an egg, make spaghetti and grow a tomato.

What would you do if you had the power?

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