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Do You Support Small Business or Small Biz Marketing?

June 18, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEveryone wants to be small. I just got an email about moving from a pallet market to an each market. We don’t need that seminar – we’re already an each market!

So that leaves me with more questions than answers. These “big guys” are trying to be like us…why? Because it’s what people say they want? Because with marketing they can appear to be what we are but do so at a volume price to undercut us? Because people really don’t want what we do? Or because what we do is unique enough that it’s more than price or marketing?

There is no way we can sell for cheaper than Tysons – and we don’t produce the same birds as Tysons nor in the same way. Lowest price – go get it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAt the same time, scams are more profitable than our legitimate attempts to get funds for the expansion. “The fake company had generated pledges of $120,309, but no money was exchanged before the offer was pulled late last week.” This was a Kickstarter project, that not only was accepted (we were not!) by Kickstarter but raised enough funds, falsely, to nearly pay for the entire expansion! Yikes! We’ve been straight up honest, with photos and video showing what we’re doing but can’t compete with the ‘farm’ in the photo!

I sometimes wonder, then, if honesty and transparency really is best, because we’re both and don’t come close to those results. We could hire some hot shot fundraiser guru but is that really honest and transparent? Added to the mix – the cart-and-horse situation of needing the expansion to get funds, but needing funds to get the funds! Does that sound confusing? Not half of where we’re at!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASmall business week continues, and as mentioned yesterday, farms are also small businesses. Small farms rely on that direct interaction with customers – and no matter how many customer service folks are hired, it won’t match the service from small farms. Customer service agencies often aren’t about customer service, and employees aren’t as invested as owners.

Small business has integrity as well as goods or services. People can buy food many places. The ability to tell you where it was raised, down to the acre it was raised on, and where it was processed (if it was processed!) and the recipe suggestions and other things – we can do that.

The ability to host clinics to teach others – we do that. We aren’t just showing the chickens, rabbits and other things produced here – we share the sunsets, the trials, the rain and the rainbows.

Those who appreciate transparency, honesty, a taste of the country – we’re here. We’re not pallet marketing – and don’t have to wrap it up to be anything but what we are.

Do you want what seems to be or what is? What are you going to do to insure that you get it?

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  1. June 18, 2013 11:00 AM

    Reblogged this on Southern Tastes, Traditions, Choices and commented:

    Small businesses can provide southern hospitality as well as food. Do you know what you’re really buying?

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