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Small Business Doesn’t Stand Alone

June 19, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOften there’s a statement on a forum or other spot about supporting small businesses. But in many cases, small business doesn’t stand alone.

We’ve tried to pass along that when someone buys a farm share, we’re not the only business involved. John’s Custom Meats may also benefit, as if you buy meats that they turn from pig to pork, that’s another small business that benefits.

When we have a good living, we can afford to spend money, and often choose other small businesses. We may use hidden small businesses, such as the ag/food lawyer I talked to last night on Twitter, or an accounting business or a small business that might take sheep fleeces and make them into wonderful scarves or other items. We may advertise in magazines or papers that are also relatively small businesses.

Small business doesn’t stand alone. We’re keenly aware that we’re part of a community web – buyers, small businesses, maybe larger business, organizations that benefit others both local and national, associations and clubs. We don’t survive alone.

If you take a bird and pull all but one feather, the bird couldn’t fly. One feather – one business – isn’t enough. Many feathers, that gets air under the wings and holds the body of the bird off the ground. It takes many feathers – and many small businesses – to get the desired result.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo if you think you’re supporting just one small business, look again. It’s much more than just one small business with us. It takes action – actually supporting with real money not just words – to keep small businesses in business. Many folks say they don’t like large farms, corporate businesses etc but support them financially every day. They use terms like “factory farms” to put down what those farms do – and yet in action don’t support the alternative.

Any small business needs more than words – it needs action. That keeps many businesses afloat – remove each feather and it makes a difference. Pretty soon none remain and you’re left with a plucked, funny looking bird that can’t fly.


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