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Faith And Proof – Ag in the Bible

June 23, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn agriculture we tend to believe what we see. Science, things that make sense. You do this and get that.

Only in agriculture, it quickly becomes real that we’re not in charge of anything. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. We can do everything right, by science and experience and what should happen and still lose.

We can do much wrong and don’t. In His hands he can do much. Yesterday we saw this in a doe – facing culling due to an injury in her mouth.

Rabbits are a low-animal-on-the pole for most. There aren’t veterinarians in many areas to deal with them when something goes wrong. We do what we can, but sometimes have to hope and pray it’s enough.

When we wean youngsters we check feet, toenails, teeth structure – we make our cuts who goes for meat, who might be a good breeding animal and who gets to go to the shows.

This doe was in the breeding list. She’s a year old and passed the ‘test’, got her ear tattoo and has been growing up. Until at some point she shook a cage door or did something to bump a tooth. The bottom front tooth grew out in a way that did not meet the top teeth. That prevented wear and altered the way the top fronts grew. When this happens it’s not a good prognosis for long term.

I decided to try to give her a chance. I held her as ‘Scoutman’ nipped the teeth shorter.  This may not be enough – action and faith is needed to give her every chance. We can do what we can in action, but also must have faith it’s the right thing. Fortunately, Giant Chinchillas are easy going rabbits, and it’s as if she knew we were trying to help her.

She started eating her dinner, drank a little water and seemed much more comfortable after the dental alteration. Sometimes it’s not about science, or experts or what we can see. Sometimes it’s just having a little faith.

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